Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We need a name!!

Lets start at the beginning.
We need a name with an eyecatching acronym.
I've been playing around and get the following:

  • GAS(Group for Active Smokers)
  • SCAG(Smoking & Choice Action Group)
  • ASS(Actice Smokers Society)
  • ASSET(Active Smokers for Sound Evidence & Tolerance)
  • MEAT(Manners, Evidence, Action & Tolerance)
  • IMAGE(Individuals for Manners And Good Evidence)
  • POWER(People Of Wisdom for Evidence & Rights)
  • MAGI(Make Action Good & Informed)
  • AEGIS(Action for Evidence Group In Smoking)
  • MIGHT(Make Information Good & Have Tolerance)

Please post your ideas and comments or tweaks on mine.