Monday, February 20, 2006

Donal McCarthy Says

I was very taken by the idea that a new pro-body should be formed. The use of the word "choice" is questionable. (pro-choice is associated with other things) The anti groups have been at this for years and made sure all the details were in place a LONG time ago. Caught smokers "it'll never happen here" napping. I may have mentioned that i visit the uk about once a month; whenever i broached the subject among the locals AND pub owners, it was dismissed out of hand that a total ban would ever make it into legislation. Some may have not even woken up yet. Most are probably now all hot and talking but will NEVER take action unless there is an organised structure to subscribe to. At least, you have the press open to you there; here they all closed ranks and went Pravda.

I was also VERY taken by the idea that the fraud has to be exposed in court. This is probably the single most important piece of thinking since 1950. I was looking at an ad in the ST last weekend, for instance, in which cancer-research-uk blatantly stated "passive smoke is a killer". Why cannot that be challenged legally? (I gather the advertising standards people wash their hands of this kinda thing because they say they are not competent to ajudicate on "scientific" matters.)

It is even more important that action is taken quickly on this, because as time goes by, large numbers of "outraged smokers" will be mollified into accepting "the inevitable". They are too got-at by the propaganda over the past twenty/thirty years to speak up too loudly - thats what happened here, though there are undercurrents all the time. [and then there'r the likes of me ;) ]

Leadership is essential therefore. People will be willing to back a strong push in their name if it is seen to be determined, well-led and "out there". It would also wake up a few politicians, especially those in need of a good smack.

Count me in if there is stuff happening.