Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Lancet medical journal publishes corrupt science

So who can we trust? This historic, reputable and respected bastion of medicine has let a load of rubbish through its refereeing process and into print. Just how much science in print is of a similar junk standard?

Oslo promises crackdown after cancer cheat scandal.
By Alister Doyle.

Norway promised on Monday to speed up a new law that may bring jail terms for medical cheats after a hospital accused one of its cancer researchers of falsifying data published in a leading journal. Officials said at the weekend that 44-year-old Jon Sudbo, a researcher at Oslo's Radium Hospital, made up patients' case histories for a study about oral cancer published by the British journal The Lancet in October. Among improbabilities in Sudbo's research, 250 of about 900 supposed patients were listed with the same date of birth.
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